Kri-8 Arts Programme - Southampton YOS

Age: 14-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: yes




  • Young people who are working with the Youth Offending Service (YOS) and who are not in full time education, training or employment (NEET)
  • Reduced re-offending by the young people attending the programme evidenced through YOS review of local offending data
  • Increased engagement in education, training and employment evidenced through attendance at Kri-8 Arts sessions and successful access to wider available provision
  • Achievement through the completion of the Arts Award portfolio evidenced through successful attainment of Discover Arts Award qualification, as a minimum
  • Pro-social development evidenced through learning new skills and developing new and positive relationships evidenced through monitoring and self-reporting, as part of the programme
  • Volunteer and professional development through Arts Award Advisor training evidenced through the maintenance of consistent volunteer support for the programme and the delivery of training




The Kri-8 Arts programme is based on research from the University of Southampton Education School, which highlights the valuable role of social networks in Higher Education, (see Fuller et al, 2011).

The programme delivers an Arts Award for young people who are working with the YOS and who are not in full time education, training or employment (NEET).

Volunteers support young people to access sessions that are alternately led by three trained Arts Award Advisors/Artist-Educators; experienced in working with young people who have offended.

In Southampton, a clear link was found in 2012/13 between re-offending and lack of engagement with education, with over 50% of young people found to be NEET. It was noticed that a significant number of young people that come into contact with the YOS have had very poor experiences of education; some due to diagnosed or undiagnosed learning difficulties; they may have behavioural problems, experience mental illness and may have very limited family support.

In the last three years, 27 young people have achieved: 21 Discover, seven Bronze and one Silver Arts Award. In 2015, one of the programme’s alumni won a ‘Greater London Area NADFAS Young People's Gold Award’ for painting as part of the prestigious Koestler Prize at South Bank Centre.



What makes it work:

  • The majority of sessions, which run for two hours once a week, take place at the YOS office, which is a space that young people are comfortable in.
  • Each session is facilitated by an arts tutor who is supported by one or two volunteers. Two YOS officers are also on hand to support the session.
  • The staff and volunteers work to guidance produced by the YOS in respect of group management. A risk assessment and plan is used to manage offsite gallery visits.
  • Young people are provided with an opportunity to develop their portfolios which can help re-engage with education or improve their chances to enrol on further education courses or alternative provision
  • Young people showcased their work through an exhibition at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.
  • The YOS Personal Advisor works with students to ensure that their wider educational needs are met. For example, through: liaising with current and potential future providers, completing Education, Health and Care Plans with young people, supporting college and work applications.



Implementing the practice:

  • Young people are referred onto the programme either by their supervising officer or by the YOS personal advisor, when an ETE need is identified. The scheme is being extended to include young people involved with the local Families Matter (Troubled Families) Programme.
  • A partnership approach which has ensured that young people access a robustly delivered, high quality resource; and which also supports the key objectives of the partners.
  • Staff ‘buy in’, which has been achieved through consultation training and the development of policies and formal process to support service delivery.
  • Students work is moderated by an external assessor before they attain their Arts Award.



YOT: Southampton Youth Offending Service
Name: Stuart Webb
Telephone: 02380 834900