ClearCut Communication - County Durham YOT

Age: 8-18
Sex: n/a
Cost: yes




  • We aim to support young people to understand youth justice processes and interventions with specific resources
  • We provide easy access for professionals to communication friendly resources
  • We aim to highlight to practitioners the type of resources that are needed to support young people through the youth justice system




ClearCut Communication (part of County Durham Youth Offending Service) provide award-winning resources and staff training by combining the expertise of youth justice professionals and a speech and language therapist. We help young people understand the youth justice system. Our work has been recognised with a Butler Trust Award in March 2016. The attached document below will provide you with more information in regards to the five resources, namely:

  • The ClearCut Screen Pack
  • ClearCut Youth Caution
  • The ClearCut Wordbuster
  • ClearCut Going to Court
  • ClearCut Thinking about Victims



Implementing the practice:

  • Every young person who attends County Durham Youth Offending service is screened using the ClearCut screening tool.
  • The ClearCut Youth Caution translation puts the complex official Youth Caution into simple language. Young people receiving a Youth Caution are supported by their case manager in advance of the caution being delivered and during delivery with the ClearCut Youth Caution translation.
  • All case managers carry a Wordbuster to explain youth justice words to young people and their families.
  • All young people due to attend court are supported using the Going to Court resource.
  • The Thinking about Victims resource is used as the primary victim awareness programme within county Durham Youth Offending service. It is completed by a case worker with the young person and the victim Liaison Officer with the victim. Both parties are encouraged to share their work via shuttle mediation.




YOT: Sarah Caden
Name: County Durham Youth Offending Service