Children/Young People’s Journey into Further Education. What are the challenges they face? Podcast – Harrow Youth Justice Service (June 2021)

Summary:   Attached is the podcast created by Harrow YJS and Prospects Career Service – an exploration of the challenges faced by children/young people and institutions through the world of further education. 
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  • The podcast is designed to explore the children/young people’s journey, the support offered by further education institutions and the barriers/challenges faced by children/young people and the institutions/colleges they apply to.



The podcast explores the relationship between education and impact on children/young people’s desistance journey. The podcast looks to consider if further education and training institutions are providing children/young people in the Youth Justice System consistent and fair access to post-16 education.

The podcast features the following:

  • Part one: Podcast host examining the roles and responsibilities of FE providers (start of podcast)
  • Part two: Harrow Law Centre – overview of law and criminal conviction declaration (22.;30 minutes)
  • Part three: Colleges sharing their protocols and practices in regard to admission (28:11 minutes)
  • Part four: Young Person’s Voice – Young People with convictions and their experience of applying (41:40 minutes)

Creating a podcast offered the opportunity to give a voice to organisations involved in supporting children/young people into further education. The podcast allows for healthy and progressive debate and can be utilised in many ways, from supporting organisations to consider their own procedures for training purposes to challenging the status quo.

The podcast can be used to examine whether a child/young person is receiving consistent and fair treatment from further education providers, whilst also bringing attention to the importance of collaborative working between organisations.

Finally, the podcast can act as a prompt for YOTs to consider how much support is given to children/young people regarding their rights and responsibilities under the law.



Implementing the practice:

  • The podcast will be used at a professionals’ event, where Harrow Youth Justice Service will be addressing the issue of convictions and further education in more detail.
  • Harrow Youth Justice Service will use the podcast to consult, advise, and even challenge college policies and procedures.




Youth offendung team: Harrow Youth Justice Service 
Name:  Ryan Simon
Partner organisation:  Prospects Careers Service
Name:  Rachel Danso