Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the submission processes to the Effective Practice Library, Practice Examples and Resources For Sharing. If you are unable to find the answer that you are looking for, then please contact the Effective Practice Team  for further support.

1. Is my submission suitable for the YJ Resource Hub?
The Resource Hub has various main sections including: library of effective practice, practice examples, research map and resources for sharing. They all host various information, so it is very likely that within one of those sections we can upload your submission. If you are still unsure, you should email the Effective Practice Team on with your query, and someone from the team will get back to you within 5 working days.

2. I work for a private/voluntary organisation, can I complete a submission?
Off course, we welcome submissions from a wide range of partners. It is really important that the ‘implementing the practice’ section is supported by the YJ partner as this is the section that other YJ Partners may use to support implementing the practice within their service. We are not necessarily asking the YJ Partner to complete this section, although we recommend that they do so, but we will need to confirm that YJ partners are supporting the submission and to this end we need contact details.

3. Can I submit for a programme/intervention that is run outside of England?
Yes. If the programme is run outside England, the submission has to be evidence based. Where the submission sits will depend on where we can include your example within the Resource Hub.

4. How do I know where on the Hub my submission will sit?
The Team will be able to make that decision where the submission will sit based on the content and we will discuss this with you. Please see the different areas for further info ‘resources for sharing’, ‘practice examples’ and ‘effective practice library’.

5. What do we mean by Youth Justice Partner?
We generally mean YOTs and Secure Establishments. However, due close working relationships, we are willing to consider submissions from family services, children social care or a school. All submissions will be looked at on an individual basis, but ultimately it will rest on the relevance and usefulness for the core YJ partners (such as YOTs and Secure Establishments).

6. What do we mean by Partner Agency?
Partner agencies are organisations, including not for profit, voluntary and universities who work with a Youth Justice Partner.

7. How formal should the submission be?
The submission is for all professionals working in the youth justice sector, so it should use language that is both clear and concise.

8. How much detail do you require in the ‘Description’ section?
The ‘description’ section is about the intervention or programme, so we need some information such as: Any specific gender, ethnicity, age restrictions, whether it is a group session or a 1:1, who it is aimed at (parents, young people or practitioners), some of the main topics/areas that are covered in the training. What we need is information that you think other practitioners/professionals may need if they wanted to run the programme for example. This section should be no more than 300 words.

9. How much detail do you require in the ‘Implementing the practice’ section?
This should include details on how the programme/intervention is being implemented within a specific Service (YOT or Secure Establishment). This is the section that will support other Services to potentially implement the practice. It would be helpful if you could include some bullets covering the core/key elements.

10. When can I complete a submission?
You can send a submission at any time during the year, we do not have specific ‘blocks’ of time for when we accept submissions.

11. What support will the Effective Practice team able to provide my Service with?
The Effective Practice team are happy to discuss submissions prior as well as during the process to support submissions.

12. I do not have a Theory of Change (ToC), can I still complete a submission?
Yes. Not all submissions will be suitable for one (such as in the case of submission made to the ‘resources for sharing’ where we house submissions around useful information). If we think that your submission could benefit from a ToC, we will support you to do that.
If you have started creating a ToC and would like some help, please email it to, and we can advise you.

13. I am not sure what ‘Level’ my submission is, can I still complete a submission?
The Effective Practice Team in the YJB will look at all the submissions individually and decide where they should go on the Hub. Further information can be found in the ‘Standards of Evidence’ document.

14. The programme I am submitting has not been evaluated, can I still submit?
Yes. We know how difficult it is to have a piece of work evaluated and we do not expect this for all submissions. We can however, advise you if you wish to evaluate your programme or intervention. We can recommend what you would need to consider before you carry out an evaluation, for example; helping you to identify some of the small changes that you could make when collecting data and doing pre and post questionnaires.
If you think your programme/intervention could potentially be evaluated by an external organisation, please refer to the Research Map to see if there is a university near you that may be able to undertake some research. You may wish to contact your local university as they may be interested or looking for placements for Masters and PHD students who could help you to evaluate your programme/intervention.

15. I do not want to share all my resources as there is a cost attached, can I still submit?
Of course, we appreciate that if there is a cost attached to your programme/intervention that it may not be appropriate for you to share all the associated documents on the Resource Hub.

16. The Service I work for has no money to spend, are there free resources available?
Yes. At the top of each submission (including effective practice library, practice examples and resources for sharing) we have identified if there is a cost attached to using the resources or not. Although in some cases, it may still be worth you reading the full submission as it may be something that your service may potentially be willing to invest in, or the cost may be acceptable.

17. What is the process if my resource has pictures of young people and pictures taken from the web?
It is essential that you have written permission to use any pictures (including those of young people as well as taken from free web resources), otherwise you could be putting your Service at risk of negative legal action. Please read the terms and conditions for further information. If you are not sure, the Effective Practice team can advise you further, on an individual basis.

18. The Resource that I have created is an amalgamation of various resources, can I still submit?
Yes, before you make a submission, you will need to email those whose work you have incorporated to ensure that they are happy with this. Please ensure you make the request in writing. Please read the terms and conditions for further information.

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