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Inspire – Sussex Police Schools Education Programme

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Level:  2
Age: 11-16
Sex: n/a
Cost: none



Intended Outcomes:

  • To provide young people with knowledge of the law in relation to their internet use
  • To provide young people with the knowledge to keep themselves safe on line
  • To understand the consequences and impact of inappropriate internet behaviour   
  • To help young people understand the need for responsible choices when using the internet
  • To prevent young people from becoming victims or offenders on line




These are Interactive Classroom Lessons designed for 11 – 16 year olds in secondary school education settings and delivered by police officers. The lessons cover various aspects of on-line safety, specifically informing children of the need for care, restraint and responsibility when using the internet. The sessions, provide a menu of activities that can be chosen to fit time available, usually one hour slots, to form part of the Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum sessions.

The programme has been independently evaluated by the Young Foundation (link below);




What Makes it Work:

  • The police officers delivering the sessions have been trained in interactive teaching strategies which mean that they engage with the young people in the classroom. 
  • Delivered by a Police Officer means that they have credibility with the messages
  • The Police Officer is authentic and can give real examples of situations where offences have been committed and harm has been caused.
  • Supports schools in dealing with challenging social media issues
  • The officer deals with incidents and the young people therefore trust the information that the officer is giving.
  • The officer is often in and around school in their uniform and is trusted by young people.
  • This is a universally delivered programme and therefore reaches large numbers of young people



Implementing the Practice:

  • Liaison between Police Schools Officer and the Schools PHSE Coordinator to plan the lessons
  • Lessons can be delivered by Police Officers or suitably qualified facilitators. The facilitator could receive training from Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) in order to become a CEOP ambassador.
  • Consider group sizes as the lessons can be delivered either in a one to one setting or in a small to medium sized group setting.




Source Organisation:  Sussex Police
Name:  Caroline Adams
 01273 404864




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