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Youth Restorative Intervention

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Classification: Level 3
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: n/a



  • To improve the experience of justice for all concerned
  • To create an opportunity at an early stage for harm to be repaired
  • To increase victim satisfaction
  • To deliver value for money by reducing the need for and use of formal court proceedings



The Youth Restorative Intervention (YRI) is a multi-agency initiative led by Surrey Police and Surrey Youth Support Service. It was designed to provide a restorative approach when working with young offenders who have committed low level crimes.

A trained Restorative Justice Practitioner will work with the young offender and the victim to develop a bespoke agreement or YRI ‘contract’. The YRI contract allows for increased victim satisfaction, reduced costs and reduced reoffending. When the crime has no identifiable primary victim, the YRI is used to encourage offenders to consider who is harmed and affected by their behaviour.




Name: Chris Stevens
YOT: Surrey Youth Support Service
Telephone: 01483 517038/07968 834806
Email: chris.stevens@surreycc.gcsx.gov.uk
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