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Clayfields House Assessment and Re-Assessment Packs (CHAPS)

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Age: 12-18
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  • The CHAP is completed with all young people on entry to Clayfields House, in order to support young people themselves to identify areas of further support.
  • The measurements from both packs (Assessment and Re-assessment) are used to inform practice and feed into the young person’s action plan.
  • The Re-Assessment Pack is used to measure the outcomes of any interventions offered and any subsequent changes in the young person’s attitudes.
  • The CHAP’s overall aim is to support young people to reduce likelihood of further offending
  • These measurements are collated and used to help inform development of intervention resources available within the Centre.




The CHAP is an assessment tool that all young people (including Welfare young people) are asked to complete both on entry to and exit from Clayfields House. The Assessment Packs are used to gain an insight on the young person focusing on their attitudes, emotions and perspectives on a range of areas around their offending behaviour

The CHAP is completed with young people on a 1:1 basis, together with their allocated intervention officer, and can take as long as it is appropriate to complete the exercises adequately.

The Packs are fluid and assessments can be included or excluded depending on the individual needs and situation of the young person.

The entry Assessment Pack comprises the following assessments:

  • What Do You Think?
  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
  • Rosenburg’s Self Esteem Scale
  • Crime Pics II
  • Victim Empathy Self-Report Inventory (Carich-Andkerson 1999)
  • NOVACO Anger Scale
  • The exit Re-Assessment Pack comprises the following:
  • My Time at Clayfields
  • Myself as a Learner Scale (this is completed on entry but as part of a different entry assessment by education staff)
  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire



Implementing the Practice:

  • Create a directory of assessments which broadly correlate to your individual client base.
  • Make the packs fluid so they can be adjusted to the individual.
  • Make sure the scores are shared with the young person and relevant agencies so it is always transparent.
  • Use the scores to inform practice and improve delivery
  • Once the entry Assessment Pack has been completed and analysed, a report is produced by the Intervention Worker.  The report explains the outcomes and scores of the assessments completed.  The report is presented to the young person and the multi-agency team (which includes and the young person Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Medical services, Youth Offending Teams and internal and external education specialists), who are also able to feed into the action plan and agree what intervention work will be delivered to the young person to address attitudes to past and future behaviours.  




Secure Establishment: Clayfields Secure Childrens Home
Name: Lucy Evans 
Telephone: 01159170010 
Email: Lucy.Evans@nottscc.gov.uk 

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