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 Age:  10-18
 Sex:  Male
 Cost:   Yes (please note that it is not yet available for purchase)



Aimed at:

  • Boyhood2Manhood is aimed at young males to support and challenge myths and attitudes purveyed towards others.
  • The group work programme promotes a positive, safe place for young man to voice their beliefs and opinions and to be challenged safely by their peers and facilitators.
  • The group work programme supports the young men to increase self-esteem and emotional well being, utilising emotional intelligence to reduce conflict and promote tolerance within the group.



Intended Outcomes:

  • To improve decision making/consequential thinking
  • To challenge and change attitudes towards women
  • To raise awareness around sexual health issues
  • To promote healthy relationships
  • To reduce the risks of alcohol/drug use
  • To promote constructive leisure
  • To promote healthy living and socialising positively
  • To challenge violent attitudes





The programme is run weekly for 11 weeks, each session lasting 1.5 hours.  There is a pre group work session with all young people, to support and increase attendance and motivation.  The Programme itself runs for 11 weeks and it is run by three male staff  members (from the YOS, Early Help Team and Turning Point).  The programme offers the young people the opportunity to gain an accreditation through ''Passport for Independence''.  Some of the areas covered during the programme include; 

  1. Positive male identities and self-esteem
  2. Anger
  3. Sexual health
  4. Relationships, including domestic violence and positive relationships
  5. Alcohol and drugs 




What Makes it Work:

  • The programme has been available at Suffolk YOS since November 2006 and young people have provided positive feedback 
  • Staff that run the programme are trained to deliver the content 
  • The programme is run three times per year 
  • The programme is viewed as a success and staff also run a condensed 6 week version in mainstream, PRU’s and alternative provisions in order to engage young man rior to entering the YJS



Implementing the Practice:

  • All young man that participate meet with the facilitator prior to the start in order to decrease any anxieties and increase attendance and motivation 
  • All participants are provided with a weekly timetable 
  • All participants are texted on the day of the session to support attendance 
  • Each group has a peer mentor (who is a young person from the previous group who has been recognised to have made positive changes) who acts as a conduit between staff and young people
  • Currently the programme is not available for purchase, however Gary and Scott are available for discussions around how to implement male specific programmes




YOT: Suffolk Youth Offending Service
Name: Gary Yates and Scott Reynolds
Telephone: Gary 07734478881 
Scott 07515187863

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