Through the Gate

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 Age:  13-17
 Sex:  N/A
 Cost:  None



Intended Outcomes:

  • To give an insight into life in an adult prison establishment and providing an opportunity to meet selected young life sentenced prisoners to understand the impact of a custodial sentence
  • To enable the young people to understand how easily their offence could have had different consequences and to explore the harm that has been caused by their offence.
  • Providing both the young person and the prisoners with an opportunity to repair the harm caused by their offences and to help them do this in a positive and non-judgemental environment.




Through the Gate is a Restorative Justice intervention for young people under Portsmouth and Southampton YOTs, Local Authority Care Homes and Schools across Hampshire. The programme is run by HMP Kingston in partnership with Hampshire Youth Offending Team (YOT). The programme can be tailored to suit each individual group who partake in the programme and is usually delivered over the course of a day visit to the establishment.Due to the Restorative Justice theme running throughout the programme, we also refer young people who need to develop their victim empathy and those who would benefit from meeting people who have committed similar offences, with different outcomes to their own.Since the programme was originally developed, it has evolved and HMP Kingston now accept referrals from the Police, local Schools, Councils and Charities. It was through this that they received financial backing of £88,000 from the local Police and Schools to run the programme on a larger scale.



Implementing the practice:

  • The designated Restorative Justice practitioner within the YOT laisses with the Reducing Re-offending Team, within the prison ensuring only those meeting the appropriate criteria are offered a place
  • Establishing close liaison with Prison staff to ensure that the young people can relate to and engage with prisoners to address their offending behaviour
    Using a trained cohort of prisoners with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations accredited qualification in mentoring, to meet and engage in the various controlled elements of the programme.
  • Ensuring a degree of flexibility so that it can be adapted to meet individual needs and risks of the young person.




Hampshire Youth Offending Team
Name: Lisa Primmer
Telephone: 01256 464034 /07872 676992
Source Organisation: HMP Kingston
Name: Michael Donald,HMPS
Gary Wright, HMPS
Telephone Number:  02392953120 /02392953241


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