NOMS Intervention: A-Z

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Age: 15-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: Yes – facilitator and materials




  • To increase young people’s motivation to engage in their sentence plan and change their behaviour
  • To help young people to identify positive goals
  • To reduce the likelihood of re-offending after their release



A>Z is a NOMS YPE Approved Intervention (Prison Service Order [PSO] 4350: Effective Regime Interventions: Young People’s Annex) for delivery both on an individual basis and in groups of three. Based on the Good Lives Model, (Ward & Brown, 2004) ,

A>Z is a low intensity intervention for young people with limited motivation to engage in their sentence planning and/or other rehabilitative services whilst in custody. 

A>Z aims to increase motivation to change thereby leading to healthier, positive lifestyles with a reduced risk of re-offending.  By reflecting on the past, present and future each young person recognises what is important to them whilst developing positive goals to achieve either in custody or when released into the community.  The Good Lives Model allows the young person to look at different ‘goods’ in their life which they consider meaningful to them and to think how they can apply them to themselves. Furthermore, the young person is encouraged to reflect on their current obstacles and barriers to enable them to explore how they can achieve such goals.

The sessions follow by exploring the pros and cons of changing their behaviour if they are motivated.

A>Z lasts between six to eight sessions, although this can vary depending on individual need.  A minimum of one and maximum of three sessions can be facilitated per week with each session lasting approximately 1.5 hours.

Pre Training requirements for Facilitators:

  • NOMS Intervention Services Core Skills assessed training (4 days)
  • NOMS YPE Motivational Interviewing with Young People (2 days)
  • A>Z Facilitator training (2 days)




Source Organisation: NOMS Young Peoples Estate
Name: Ariane Hanman
Telephone: 07580 731065
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