Rights, Respect, Responsibility (RRR) Programme

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Age: 10-17
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  • Rights - an exploration of how and why they are important to us as an individual and within the context of our rights as a UK and EU citizen
  • Respect - learn to listen to each other, accepting different viewpoints encouraging tolerance and mutual respect
  • Responsibility - as a citizen, as a member of the community and the role we can play in creating a harmonious and peaceful community


Rights, Respect, Responsibility (RRR) is a personal development programme, run by HIMMAT, on behalf of Bradford Youth Offending Team since 2008. The programme aims to instil a sense of belonging amongst young people and encourages tolerance, mutual respect and community cohesion. The programme seeks to provide an understanding of rights, the importance of freedom of speech, the responsibilities we have towards each other and how we can contribute to creating a sense of community cohesion. During the programme, the benefits derived from multiculturalism and the negatives that have resulted from it i.e. racism, segregation and people being stereotyped in their appearance or beliefs are also explored.

The programme offers six modules, run over six weeks, one hour per session and is delivered to young people on a referral order of more than three months with Bradford Youth Offending team. The programme can be tailored to take into account the young person’s offence by amending some of the sessions delivered and information provided.The sessions can be delivered in group as well as 1:1 with young people.

The modules are delivered in a safe setting by experienced HIMMAT staff.

The Topics / modules:

  1. Golden Rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  2. Citizenship
  3. Earning a living ––acceptable/ unacceptable ways of making money
  4. Freedom of Speech
  5. Multiculturalism
  6. What Kind of Britain do we want?

Implementing the Practice :

  • Bradford YOT refer young people on Referral Orders to the programme at the first opportunity
  • Following the referral HIMMAT undertake an initial consultation with the YOT caseworker to gather a more detailed insight into each young person
  • HIMMAT update Bradford YOT’s case management system (Childview), following each session
  • HIMMATT undertake an informal weekly meeting with the relevant YOT caseworker




Source Organisation:
Name: Kamran Zulff
Telephone: 07459 854 949
E-mail: kamran@himmat.org
YOT: Bradford Youth Offending Team
Name: Basharat Hussain
Telephone: 01274 436 442
E-mail: basharat.hussain@bradford.gov.uk



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