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Wholistic Mentoring

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Summary:  Wholistic Mentoring is a training package designed by Spark2Life for those wanting to become mentors to young people
Classification:  Level 1
Age:  13-18
Sex:  N/A
Cost:  None



  • This training course focuses on the holistic development of mentors to support young people (YP) aged 13-18
  • The training provides mentors with the skills and abilities to engage with mentees to address offending and reduce reoffending
  • The training qualifies mentors to practice a person-centered mentoring approach, specifically tailored to the mentees needs



Wholistic Mentoring, is a training package, provided by Spark2Life, designed for those who wish to become mentors. 

The training course consists of eight 2-3 hours sessions run over 8 weeks. Seven of those sessions are AQA accredited, please see AQA Link  for further information.

The purpose of the course is to support potential mentors to understand the purpose, potential and power of Holistic person-centered mentoring, as well as their own personality and learning style and how this impacts on their life and their mentoring practice.  The mentors are supported to uncover their strengths and weaknesses and how to succeed through self-discovery. 

Barking and Dagenham Youth Offending Team have commissioned Spark2Life to engage young people who are deemed to be in need of person-centered mentoring. One of the core outcomes of this interaction is to engage and support the young person into education, training or employment (ETE).


Implementing the practice:

  • Spark2Life provide us with their Wholistically trained mentors who work in partnership with our caseworkers
  • We identify the YP in need of high level mentoring and the caseworker will refer the YP to a S2L wholistic mentor who works with the YP
  • The end goal is to engage with the YP and get them into ETE and Spark2life and the caseworker work closely together to achieve this. Post successful engagement, mentoring and life redirection the caseworker and mentor will decide whether the YP has shown enough progress to close the case



Source organisation: Spark2Life
Name: Melvyn Naidoo
Telephone: 07961539266
E-mail: melvyn@spark2life.co.uk 
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