Getting to Know Me – Emotional Intelligence and Improving the Young Persons’ Confidence Intervention

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Summary: Getting to Known me is a one to one programme developed by Cumbria Specialist Youth Service to assists young people to identifying their potential and support them to make the right choices for themselves
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none



  • To challenge young people to look at their confidence and emotional intelligence
  • To provide young people with the skills to improve their confidence and to manage their day to day emotions
  • To support young people to gain an Entry Level 1 Award in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development



Getting to Known me is a person-centred, one to one programme developed by Cumbria Specialist Youth Service (CSYS). Adopting a non-directive approach, it assists the young person in identifying their potential and supports them to make the right choices for themselves. The programme is designed so that young people are able to gain an Entry Level 1 Award in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development.  The programme is split into two units and is delivered over seven weeks in one hour sessions.

Unit 1: Emotional Intelligence- young people will be supported to recognise factors that can influence emotions and learn about techniques to help deal with those strong emotions.
Unit 2: Improving Own Confidence - young people are supported to identify the key characteristics of a confident person, understand how communication skills can contribute to improving confidence, learn about decision-making and associated emotions and feelings and be able to identify how having goals and targets could increase their confidence.

In order for young people to access the accreditation CSYS work in partnership with the National Open College Network*.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The programme is delivered by Cumbria Specialist Youth Service intervention officers (CSYS)
  • CSYS completed training, following which they have been granted Open College Network /One Award Centre status so that they are able to provide the award for young people
  • Cumbria Specialist Youth Service YOS case managers and Targeted Youth Support are able to refer young people on the programme
  • The Programme requires minimal resources, mainly internet access and stationery
  • The programme is delivered on a one to one with each young person
  • Young people are supported to gather the evidence necessary to achieve the qualification
  • It costs £20 per young person to be put through for the award, this is paid by CSYS, who get their funding for this through the YJB grant.

*The County has three teams each consisting of one Intervention Coordinator (Internal Verifier) and two Intervention Support Workers (Assessors) these Teams were created to deliver Accredited Programmes of Interventions to Young People that are clients of the YOS, Targeted Youth Support (TYS) and Cumbria’s Early Help Service.


Contact Details:

YOT: Cumbria Specialist Youth Service (CYOS)
Name: Simon Day
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