Youth Justice Research Map

The Youth Justice Research Map has been developed to inform the youth justice sector of the current evidence base. It provides an overview of relevant ongoing research in the UK including details of academic or commissioned studies on any aspect of youth crime and youth justice. It has been developed to:

  • Facilitate wider collaboration between practitioners and academics;
  • Enable academics and practitioners to identify mutual interest by topic areas and geographic location;
  • Enhance the impact of research on practice in youth justice;
  • Inform practitioners, academics and other stakeholders of the current youth justice evidence base;
  • Mitigate against duplication of work;
  • Allow the youth justice sector to build and learn from existing work and use it as an evidence base for their own research.


There are various ways to use the Youth Justice Research Map. Things that you might want to consider when looking through the entries might be:

  • Are you conducting research into youth crime/justice?
  • Are you looking for youth crime/justice research projects?
  • Do you want to share your own research?
  • Are you seeking help with your research?
  • Are you looking to encourage, facilitate and promote knowledge/research in your area of work?


To share your research, please use our online submission form. Please CLICK HERE to submit your document.

Your submission will be processed and published on the Research Map. The Map is updated on an ongoing basis so please send us details of your work at any time.

You can request that your project, name and/or email address are removed/changed from the Research Map at any time. Please email us at and specify the information to be removed/changed.

Completed projects are removed from the Research Map and researchers are invited to share final reports with the YJB - these will be showcased in the Research Community section of the Resource Hub.

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