Aggression Replacement Training - General Overview (Last updated 2015)

Summary: A programme  developed to support children who have exhibited aggressive behaviour.


  • Support children who have exhibited aggressive behaviour
  • Support children to reduce some of their violent/aggressive incidents

Aggression Replacement Training is a programme which is made up of three core areas; Skill Streaming (which is pro-social interpersonal skills. Eg. what to do instead of aggression), Anger Control Trainings, (which supports children to know what to do if provoked) and finally Moral Reasoning Training, (which promotes positive values and supports children to use interpersonal and anger management taught skills).

The programme is 10 weeks long and covers 30 sessions.


Education and Treatment Alternatives, Inc, the organisation that delivers Aggression Replacement Training has provided a factsheet about the training and selection criteria they use to identify suitable candidates for the training.


External Organisation: Aggression Replacement Training
Name: Mark Amendola