Treatment Foster Care Oregon - General Overview (Last Updated 2018)

Summary: Treatment Foster Care Oregon is an evidenced based programme, where children are placed with foster families to support them to reduce negative and offending behaviours and reduce use of illegal substances.



  • Support children to reduce their behaviour problems
  • Support children to reduce likelihood of further offending behaviour
  • Support children to reduce use of illegal substances


Treatment Foster Care Oregon (previously known as Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care - Adolescent MTFC-A) is for children aged between 12 and 17 years who are at risk of an out-of-home placement in foster or residential care due to offending and/or serious emotional problems.

The children are placed with a ‘treatment foster family’ trained in the Treatment Foster Care Oregon model for an average period of a year. Within these warm and structured family environments, children receive positive and consistent reinforcement for appropriate behaviour and effective limit setting for inappropriate behaviour. Family coaching is also provided to the biological (or adoptive) family, if the plan is for the child to be reunited with them. Individual therapy is additionally provided to the child during this period.



UK Contact:

Source Organisation: National Implementation Service, UK


Dr. Kate Friedmann, Lead for TFCO, National Implementation Service



US Contact:

Source Organisation: Treatment Foster Care Consultants Inc. Oregon
Name: Rena Gold, Vice President of Implementation