Mentoring programme for children involved in SYV - Spark2Life (2017)

Summary: mentoring programme for children involved in serious youth violence.
Classification: not applicable, but it has a Theory of change.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: Yes




  • Encourage positive lifestyle choices, by challenging and changing attitudes and values that contribute to serious youth violence and gang participation.


Spark2Life have developed an 8 to 10 week package to help tackle some of the root causes of offending in children. The sessions last for one hour and are aimed at children aged 13 to 18 who are or have been involved in serious youth violence and gangs.
Spark2life have been working with Barking and Dagenham YOT (since 2010) Havering YOT (since 2012) Waltham Forest YOT(since 2012) and Newham YOT (2017).


Implementing the Practice:

  • Following identification of the children who are suitable for the mentoring sessions, a referral is made to spart2Life.
  • The Spark2Life mentors provide YOT case managers with weekly case notes covering; content, aims and objectives od completed interactions.
  • Spatk2Life mentor meet on a quarterly basis with the YOT interventions coordinator in order to review mentoring contract.



Youth Offending Team: Havering Youth Offending Service
Name: Matthew Knights
Source Organisation: Spark2life
Name: Melvyn Naidoo