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Evaluation of Child First Diversion and Alternative Out of Court Disposals – Lancashire Child First Pathfinder (May 2022)


Child First Pathfinder have shared their initial evaluation and final evaluation of the Child First diversion programme completed by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).


The key objectives of the final evaluation:

  • To understand the experiences of children who engage in these programmes and establish whether they believe it diverts and prevents them from offending or desisting from offending.
  • To identify the various components of interventions and the relative impact they have on diverting children.
  • To compare the (non) interventions of the different programmes to establish the outcomes for children
  • To identify best practice in diversion interventions for children
  • To establish the benefit, or otherwise, for crime prevention in the wider community
  • To explore the efficacy of the Lancashire Child and Youth Justice Service screening tool and process.

The research was participatory in nature, a core group of children met the research team to co-design and direct the research and final evaluation.


Youth justice service: Lancashire Child and Youth Justice Service 
Name:Mica Aspinwall
Email: Mica.Aspinwall@lancashire.gov.uk