Family Contact in Youth Custody: Annex to a Positive Approach to Parenting: Part II of the Independent Family Review – Children- Commissioner (March 2023)


The Children- Commissioner has published their report on children- access to family contact in custody and ways in which the service can strengthen and maintain healthy family ties for the children in its care.


The Children- Commissioner has published their family contact in youth custody: Annex to a positive approach to parenting: Part II of the independent family review (March 2023), which seeks to understand family life from the perspective of children in custody and reman in England and Wales.

The report includes data from statutory data request of all custodial settings in England and Wales and a series of visits to the youth custody settings with the intention of understanding family relationships, and how important ties to children- families and wider support networks are supported by settings. The report found structural barriers which prevent children from maintaining meaningful relationships with their families with almost half of all children in custody (44%) did not receive an in-person visit between October-November 2022. In the same time period, 83% did not receive a video call.

In September 2022, the Children- Commissioner published family and its protective effect: part 1 of the independent family review.  The report focussed on what families look like in modern Britain, defines what exactly is protective about them, and what services are currently provided to those families who need them. Alongside this, it looks at the unique experiences of children for whom the state is their parent.