Final Report: Prevention and Diversion Project – Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (February 2023)


Access to the final report published by the Youth Justice Board to understand the prevention and diversion landscape across youth justice in England and Wales to support the Probation Service to consider a review of its future youth justice service funding formula.


The Youth Justice Board for England and Wales has published the prevention and diversion project – final report and is also available in accessible format (February 2023). The project operated from October 2020 until January 2023 and was jointly commissioned by the Probation Service, Youth Justice Board and the Association of YOT Managers, with funding from the Probation Service. It was established to support the Probation Service to consider a review of its future youth justice service funding formula and how prevention and diversion work might be accounted for in their allocations to youth justice services.

The report found:

  • on average more than half of a youth justice service caseload are children receiving preventative or diversionary support,
  • widespread confusion over definitions of early intervention practices,
  • a significant gap in data,
  • diverse and inconsistent practice owing to a lack of central guidance. 

The report should be read in conjunction with the following;

Definitions for Prevention and Diversion – Youth Justice Board (2021) – Agreed definition of prevention and diversion agreed with a variety of stakeholders.

Prevention and Diversion Scoping Survey Summary – Youth Justice Board (June 2021) – summary from the prevention and diversion scoping survey of youth justice services across England and Wales.

Youth Justice Service Presentations from Developing Practice Prevention and Diversion Workshops 2021 – Various Youth Justice Services (Spring-Summer 2021) – A variety of presentations concerning prevention and diversion practice in youth justice services around England.

Resources to Support Youth Justice Practitioners to Engage Children in Prevention and Diversion Services – Youth Advisory Network and Youth Justice Board (January 2023) – leaflet and animation video created in collaboration between the youth advisory network and the Youth Justice Board to support professionals to engage with children in prevention and diversion services.