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Group Work Programme for Young People at Emerging Risk of Exploitation, Youth Violence and Antisocial Behaviour: Transforming Lives – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Cambridgeshire County Council- have shared the group work programme for children at emerging risk of exploitation, youth violence and anti-social behaviour.


In 2016, Cambridgeshire County Council- Early Help service received funding from Huntingdonshire Community Safety Partnership to develop and deliver Transforming Lives project in Huntingdon North ward area. The project was targeted at young people aged 12 to 16 who were involved in or at risk of antisocial behaviour, criminal activity or involvement in gang related activities.

Since its inception, Transforming Lives was rolled out to other areas across Huntingdonshire. In 2020, the Early Help service carried out a review of Transforming Lives to assess its impact. The review highlighted good practice and it made a number of recommendations to strengthen the project.

Cambridgeshire County Council have shared the groupwork programme itself in its entirety, for others who may wish to implement a similar approach.

Transforming lives – leaflet for professionals
Request/Referral for support form for transforming lives
Facilitators checklist
Transforming Lives – Hints And Tips for Cohort Facilitators
Transforming lives – consent form
Transforming lives programme session plan
Transforming lives evaluation report template (internal learning)
Transforming lives parent/carer feedback form
Transforming lives referrer feedback form
Transforming lives young persons where are you now tool
Transforming lives completion certificate


Youth Offending Service:Cambridgeshire County Council 
Name: Clare Cook