How to Order Electronic Monitoring Information Leaflets for Tag Wearers (October 2023)


How to order Electronic Monitoring Information Leaflet for Tag Wearers


A set of leaflets are available to support new tag wearers in understanding what wearing an electronically monitored tag entails. There are leaflets for specific tag types:

  • Radio Frequency Curfew Tag
  • GPS Location Monitoring Tag
  • Alcohol Monitoring Tag

There is also a leaflet that can be provided to relevant victims when someone who has committed an offence against them is made subject to a tag.

  • Electronic Monitoring Information for Victims

Each of these leaflets are available in English language and Welsh language.

These leaflets should be provided to a person who is to be fitted with a tag when they are sentenced at court or released on licence from prison or where licences are varied to include EM conditions. Prisoners who have access to in cell technology, in public sector prisons, can download the leaflet from their home page.

How to order printed copies of leaflets

To place an order for leaflets YOT colleagues should complete the form attached and follow the instructions on the form for where to send it.


Electronic Monitoring Leaflet Order Form April 2024.docx

Responsible Officer and Young Person Risk Notification April 2024.docx


Organisation: Electronic Monitoring Programme – HM Prison and Probation Service
Name: Electronic Monitoring Business Change and Stakeholder Engagement