Improving Parental Engagement: Considerations for Practitioners and Policy Officials on Empowering and Meeting the Needs of Parents of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Children in the Youth Justice System -Ministry of Justice (February 2020)

Summary: Access to a Ministry of Justice report looking at improving parental engamen, specifically those from an ethnic minority (excluding White minorities).




The Ministry of Justice has published improving parental engagement: considerations for practitioners and policy officials on empowering and meeting the needs of parents of Black, Asian and minority ethnic children in the Youth Justice System and summary report.


Feedback indicates that lack of trust in the system can be a multi-generational issue, and that trust deficits could potentially be passed down within families. Stakeholders were clear that parental involvement throughout the system should not be tokenistic, and that the role
of the parent as a guide, influencer, and vehicle for rehabilitation should be recognised and enabled by criminal justice agencies. 

This document can be used flexibly, as a prompt for operational staff, policy officials, and other criminal justice agencies. It can support, both current and future, policy and working practices.  It is intended to be a reference tool which can inform and assist various stakeholders in undertaking their respective roles.