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Interim Evaluation Report of Youth Ink – Child First Pathfinder – Middlesex University (November 2022)


The child first pathfinder have shared their interim report, which looks at evaluating the work of Youth Ink, which deliver intervention sessions with children.


The Child First Pathfinder has shared an evaluation of Youth Ink: interim report completed by Middlesex University London (November 2022). The interim report presents the initial findings from an ongoing evaluation of Youth Ink, a charity based at Southwark youth justice service, which places lived experience of the criminal justice system at the heart of its service delivery model. The interim report has found eight key ingredients as central to Youth Ink- successes to date.

  • Leadership, management and staffing, 
  • Clarity of concept – the power of lived experience,
  • A clear theory of change,
  • Liaison between Southwark Youth Justice Service and Youth Ink,
  • Co-location and longevity,
  • Charitable/independent status,
  • Flexibility,
  • Commitment to children and young people

The final evaluation report is due to be published in May 2023.

Youth Ink have created and delivered intervention sessions with children that are known to Southwark youth justice service.    


Partner Organisation: Youth Ink
Name: Mifta Choudhury