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Keeping Safe: Supporting Conversations with Professionals Working with Children Experiencing Exploitation – County Lines Pathfinder (December 2021)


Suffolk County Council have shared a short tool to support a shared set of professional boundaries, associated assessment and plan for professionals to plan and support conversations with children experiencing exploitation.

The aims of developing shared professional boundaries are to:

  • Prevent staff ‘burn out’.
  • Create and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Ensure relationships remain professional with children, caregivers, and community members.
  • Ensure that the team/service takes a consistent approach with children, caregivers, and community members.
  • Ensure that professionals work within their skill sets and the team boundaries.


Suffolk County Council have shared their keeping safe overview and as part of the work have developed child criminal exploitation resource for teams, which looks at boundaries, some ideas of how to create safer relationships with children and families and tips for working safely. This tool provides opportunities to consider what our professional boundaries should look like. Teams should develop a shared set of boundaries that everyone works to.

Suffolk County Council have also shared keeping safe assessment and plan and keeping safe: a resource for business support/reception teams.  The assessment and plan were created to complement, and not replace existing procedures.

Implementing the practice

  • The tool can be delivered as a group during team meetings or professional day.
  • The tool could be included as part of the induction process for new starters.


Youth justice service:Suffolk County Council
Name: Catherine Bennett
Email:  Catherine.bennett@suffolk.gov.uk