Electronic Monitoring (EM) Awareness resources for Youth Offending Services (December 2023)

Summary: HMPPS Electronic Monitoring Business Change & Stakeholder Engagement Team have produced Electronic Monitoring (EM) Awareness for Youth Offending Services



Description: The Electronic Monitoring Business Change team in HMPPS have created a time stamped awareness session and an accompanying slide pack, which will provide you with an understanding of the current Electronic Monitoring resources at your disposal, and how they can be used in accordance with the ‘child first’ principles.

The awareness session will give you an overview of the flexible capabilities of the Radio Frequency (RF) and Location Monitoring (GPS) tagging equipment and demonstrate how they work and when they can be used. The session will also provide you with a refresher on the mandatory ‘trail monitoring’ functionality for those in the YRO ISS pilot regions.

The supporting slide pack provides a more in-depth look at Electronic Monitoring and has additional slides including case studies and information on the mapmaker tool that may be useful to yourselves.



Organisation: HMPPS Electronic Monitoring Business Change & Stakeholder Engagement Team


Name: Electronic Monitoring Change Functional Mailbox  
Email: EMChange@justice.gov.uk