National Police Chiefs Council ( NPCC) Child Gravity Matrix - (Updated October 2023)

Summary: The National Police Chiefs Council ( NPCC) Child Gravity Matrix is used by the Police to determine whether children should be considered for an out of court disposal.




The NPCC Child Gravity Matrix is a triage tool designed to support decision making for police officers to assist in deciding the most appropriate outcome or disposal for children who offend. It replaces the ACPO Youth Gravity Matrix (2013) and has been updated to make it a more useful tool and bring it in line with current thinking. It recognises the diversity in children's offending behaviour and the importance of addressing their vulnerabilities and needs, and introduces a new scoring framework (1-5). This framework aims to provide a more nuanced approach to decision-making, considering the specific circumstances surrounding each case. It provides a step-by-step guide for decision makers and now incorporates the full range of disposals available. This should be used a guide and each case should be considered on an individual basis. There is discretion to deviate from the matrix where this is justified and a rationale provided.