Location Monitoring (GPS Tags) for Children – HM Prison and Probation Service and Electronic Monitoring Services (May 2020)

Summary: Information relating to Location monitoring/GPS Tagging conditions and eligibility for children.




Location Monitoring/GPS tagging has been available to all eligible children across England and Wales from 30 March 2020.  GPS tagging or location monitoring as it is also known can be considered as a viable alternative to custody and has the supportive and safeguarding factor to protect vulnerable children.


The GPS tags are available as an option for Court Bail, Remand to Local Authority Accommodation and Youth Rehabilitation Orders, as well as for additional licence conditions on Detention and Training Orders and Home Detention Curfew (Section 91).


To ensure that the child assessment has the correct information, the GPS tag related requirements can be recorded in to the youth justice service case management systems and also recorded within the AssetPlus pathways and planning section and in AssetPlus additional external controls or actions area.


Please see below the following relevant documents:




  • Tagging Handbook - Handbook is provided to the child/responsible adult by the EMS Field Officer when the tag is fitted.


  • Your tagging conditions - this document should be provided to the child as they are leaving court/custodial establishment to inform them what to expect over the next 24 hours.






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