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Lincolnshire Joint Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Working Protocol and Quality Assurance Tool – Lincolnshire Youth Justice Service (September 2021)


Attached are the working protocol and quality audit tool to support effective partnership working for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 


Lincolnshire Youth Justice Service has shared their joint protocol with the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) teams.  The protocol sets out clear expectations and responsibilities for each team when supporting children with an Education Health and Care Plan, to promote effective communication between teams to provide effective support and meet the expectations of the SEND reforms and the HMIP inspection framework.

Lincolnshire Youth Justice Service have also shared their quality assurance tool – created to ensure practice supports HMIP framework expectations with regard to children with SEND who are open to the youth justice service and to inform a plan of development as required.

The quality assurance tool is completed by the Lincolnshire Youth Justice Service auditing team to determine areas of good practice as well as areas of development.  Following the completion of the tool, an overview report of findings and recommendations is created and shared with both youth justice service and SEND teams.

Regular review meetings are held with SEND team colleagues and youth justice service in order to develop service in line with the protocol and to create and implement a development plan to reflect the findings from the quality assurance report.


Youth Justice Service: Lincolnshire Youth Justice Service 
Name:Ann Beck