#LockDownChallenge – Leeds Youth Justice Service (May 2020)

Summary: Leeds YJS have created #LockDownChallenge as a way to engage children during COVID-19.




  • Continue to engage children and families during COVID-19.



Leeds Youth Justice Service (YJS) makes contact with families and children via telephone to try and understand ways that will support and encourage engagement. They have created a hashtag lockdown challenge, which is supporting the children to feel connected with the YJS, for some of those children the challenge is presenting new opportunities to build on close family relationships as well as build self-awareness and resilience.

The challenges have so far included making a bird box and cake making. The YJS, liaises with the children remotely to plan how they will achieve their challenge and what is required. In line with current social distancing guidelines, YJS staff deliver all materials required to complete the challenge.
This project has helped maintain contact with the children, given them something practical to do at home and helped them build confidence as well as developing planning and communication skills.

Leeds YJS is currently investigating how the work undertaken can contribute to an AQA scheme so that the children have a chance to gain some level of qualification while working remotely with their projects.



Implementing the practice:

  • Many of the children do not have the basics at home so providing the resources is an essential part of the support.
  • The resources have been provided by YJS Workers
  • The YJS staff deliver the box, but the work completed remains with the children, and only a photo is required to show completion of the challenge
  • Leeds YJS have provided a photo of the resource box as well as an example of the kind of work children have been completing as part of the challenge.

Note: Leeds YJS is part of the South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium.




Youth Justice Service: Leeds Youth Justice Service
Name: Jenny Bright
Email: Jenny.bright@leeds.gov.uk