Look Closer to Spot and Report Signs of Exploitation Resources – The Children- Society (2022)


Access to a wide range of resources for practitioners to support their work with children who are at risk or being exploited.


The Children- Society have launched the LookCloser campaign as part of their wider county lines and criminal exploitation work to support professionals across different sectors (including banking, delivery services, accommodation providers, public transport, retail and vehicle hire including taxis) and adults more generally to recognise that children and young people across the County are being manipulated, sexually abused, forced to launder money and deal drugs and that exploitation is not always obvious.
The LookCloser resources are free but to gain access users need to provide their job title and organisation to the Children- Society. Resources include:

  • General briefing around the campaign and exploitation and the various forms it can take
  • Explainer: child financial exploitation
  • Explainer: grooming
  • Explainer: Harm, grooming and exploitation in online contexts
  • Explainer: the national referral mechanism
  • Guidance: engaging positively with young people
  • Other resources available include:
    • Explainer: what is the dark web?
    • Guidance: child exploitation appropiate language guide
    • Guidance: children ands young people and modern slavery
    • Guidance: debt bondage in criminal exploitation and county lines
    • Guidance: responding to children sharing experience of sexual abuse