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Maintaining Children- family and community links whilst in custody (October 2023)


To provide a clear framework for the process for checking family contacts for children whilst they are in a secure establishment.


The secure estate will ask the home Youth Justice Service to undertake checks on the child- visitor and contact list. The aim of these checks is to ensure that the child does not have contact with people they should not have any contact with whilst in custody. This can include anyone with bail conditions not to contact, anyone who has an negative impact on the child- safety and well-being, victims of the offence, or any children, if the offence relates to an offence against the child.

This is balanced against the child retaining positive community links with pro social friends, and family. It is especially important that the child is able to maintain contacts and therefore a relationship with family. This can be challenging when a child is located a distance from home and in this case telephone contact is important. Family members, unless there is a very clear reason why not, should be considered a key relationship to maintain for the child whilst in custody.

This document provide guidance on the process required to completed community checks for names of friends and family for children in custody. It gives a framework on how to undertake these checks and provides general guidelines as to who should be able to visit the children.

Please follow this link to the guidance document.


Organisation: Birmingham YJS
Name: Cath Cheshire 
Email: catherine.cheshire@birminghamchildrenstrust.co.uk