This section contains information about working with volunteers, such as policies, procedures and ways of working that support positive working relationships and integration within youth justice services.


Volunteers should, where appropriate complete training including; exploring youth justice, introduction to child and adolescent development and restorative panel member training resourcesThese resources are access through the Youth Justice InstituteThese resources are free to access, if you require support in accessing any of the materials, please contact the Youth Justice Institute who can support you.  


If you would like to submit a method of working with volunteers that is working well for your service to the Youth Justice Resource Hub, please complete the submission form.


Summary: Norfolk Youth Offending have shared the templates and methodology they use to support children to participate in the recruitment of staff and volunteers.      Description:Norfolk youth offending team have since 2015 involved children in the recruitment of new staff and volunteers. This supports and allows children to participate in directly influencing the service. In general between two and…