Valuing Youth Diversion: A Toolkit for Practitioners – Calculating Cost/Benefit of Diversion – The Centre for Justice Innovation and Lancashire Child First pathfinder (updated 2022)

Summary: Access to the toolkit and guidance on supporting Services to demonstrate the cost of effectiveness of diversion produced by The Centre for Justice Innovation. Also available is an example by Lancashire Child First Pathfinder on how they have utilised the toolkit. 



The Child First Pathfinder have created a short step-by-step document on how they used the Centre for Justice Innovation cost avoidance tool (which is a spreadsheet containing a simple cost avoidance model and is available free of charge on request from the Centre of Justice Innovation).

The cost avoidance tool supports youth justice services to calculate the costs and time saved through their diversion services.

The purpose of the step-by-step is to showcase the tangible steps taken in order to complete it and to show that it is not as time and labour intensive as it may first appear. Child First Pathfinder, found that the tool can be useful in conversations with partner agencies to gain buy in.

The guidance on how to use the cost avoidance tool can be found in the Centre Justice Innovation valuing youth diversion: a toolkit for practitioners.




Youth justice service: Lancashire Child and Youth Justice Service
Name:  Mica Aspinwall