AssetPlus Quality Assurance Tool and Crib Sheet - Warwickshire Youth Justice Service (December 2016)

Summary:  Warwickshire youth justice service have shared their AssetPlus quality assurance tool. 




  • To improve the quality of assessment and planning



Warwickshire youth justice service have shared their quality assurance tool for AssetPlus. The tool can be used by the practitioner to self-assess or be used by a peer or management to improve the content and quality of assessment and planning.

They have also produced a crib sheet to support staff when completing their assessment.



Implementing the practice:

  • The tool can be applied in a blanket approach or used to target specific cases or Orders.
  • The quality assurance tool can also be used on an ad hoc basis for dip sampling, quality assurance circles or peer reviews.




Youth justice service:  Warwickshire Youth Justice Service 
Name: Tony Begley