Case Management Quality Assurance Checklist - Haringey Youth Justice Service (2017)

Summary: Haringey youth justice service have shared their checklist used for quality assurance of case management. 




  • To improve the quality of case management with a focus on assessment, planning, delivery and outcomes.
  • To provide an effective tool for use in the quality assurance of case management that can then be collectively analysed for use in developing improvement plans.
  • To improve and evidence effective management oversight.




Haringey youth justice service have shared their case management quality assurance checklist. The checklist is used by managers in the auditing of cases. Feedback can be provided to case managers in order to acknowledge good practice and identify areas for improvement. The periodic analysis of completed audits can be undertaken in order to produce reports in relation to practice within a service.




Youth justice service:  Haringey Youth Justice Service 
Name:  Simon Stone