Supervision Framework for Restorative Practices - Warwickshire Youth Justice Service

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  • Ensure that there is a specific process in place to support restorative justice practitioners
  • Ensure that there is a specific process in place to support staff that undertake restorative practices such as conferences on an occasional basis



The attached supervision framework has been created to support managers to ensure that they are able to support practitioners who are completing restorative meetings efficiently. The framework can be adapted for staff that have not yet had the opportunity to run restorative meetings but could be used to help prepare them. Furthermore the framework can be used with volunteers who undertake restorative meetings.
Please note that this framework was one of the numerous documents that was provided to the Restorative Justice Council during the application for the Restorative Service Quality Mark



Implementing the practice:

  • Managers and staff should make themselves familiar with the framework
  • Managers should have undertaken restorative justice training
  • Managers should undertake all appropriate training, for example from the Council in regards to supervision of staff



YOT: Warwickshire Youth Justice Service
Name: Tony Begley