Supervision Policy and Template for Case Manager – Camden YJS (October 2020)

Summary:  The supervision policy and template used in Camden YJS with case managers.




  • Ensure consistent policy and process for supervision of case managers.
  • Discuss diversity issues for each children on their case load, with a focus on disproportionality.



Camden YJS have provided the supervision template and policy for managers to use with case managers. Camden YJS have also included diversity within the template to ensure that managers are able to effectively discuss diversity issues for each child, with a focus on disproportionality.


Implementing the practice:

  • Supervision should take place on a monthly basis.
  • The supervision template should be completed and discussed together.
  • Supervision template should be emailed to the case manager following completion for their records.




Youth Justice Service: Camden YJS
Name: Bea Nigolian