Mask Making Reparation – Hackney Youth Justice Service (June 2020)

Summary:  Hackney youth justice service has shared the description of mask making reparation programme run during COVID-19.



Hackney youth justice service, have started a new reparation programme making face masks, which they send to the child home in order to complete. The children receive a full kit, which includes:

  • Several pre-cut sets of fabric (as an example)
  • Sewing needles
  • Sewing thread
  • Elastic
  • A card pattern (so they can cut their own material)
  • A description of how to backstitch and directions for constructing the masks.


The time they spend making the masks is then deducted from their reparation requirements. The fabric is from offcuts and T-shirts etc. to keep the cost as low as possible.



Implementing the practice:

  • Referrals for the programme are sent to the reparation lead.
  • The reparation lead sends out the mask making kit to the child- home.
  • Reparation lead, contacts all the children to discuss the reparation requirements and answer any questions.
  • Children are required to send photos of their completed masks with details of the recipients.
  • The masks have been donated to local food banks and local charities.




Youth justice service: Hackney youth justice service
Name: Norman Saggers