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Operational manager training

Operational Manager Training course is a free development opportunity.

This course is designed for all staff regardless of title or designation, with responsibility for overseeing the quality of assessment and planning and the management of risk in community-based youth justice services in England and Wales.

This course has been developed and written by a group of serving and experienced youth justice managers supported by YJB, Unitas, AYM and YOT Managers Cymru. Throughout its development the course has been tested against HMIP Inspection Standards and the Youth Justice Skills Matrix developed by the YJB in conjunction with the sector.

The course consists of two days of face to face training input each of approximately six hours duration separated by a period of approximately two months structured distance learning.

Training is delivered by experienced youth justice professionals who have been mainly drawn from the pool of trained Peer Reviewers and who have also received training in the delivery of this programme.

If interested, or would like further information, please contact Phil Sutton phil.sutton@aym.org.uk.

 Summary: Description of training provided by YJSIP for staff with management oversight.   Description: The course is intended to promote a reflective approach to practice and supervision encouraging purposeful discussion between practitioners and managers focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for children, young people and their families. Attached you can find further infomation around the course structure and delivery.