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Case study of a Young Person’s ETE journey whilst at Cookham Wood and back into the community

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SB came from Southwark and prior to coming in to custody in May 2015 had been accepted on to a football apprenticeship which was due to start in July 2015. Unfortunately he wasn’t released until April 2016. As well as gathering prior educational information from previous learning providers, MIAP, PIF and E-Asset we have created a simple information template (attached below) that the Youth Offending Team complete with the most up to date educational history on the young person.


During his initial interview and assessment with an Engagement & Resettlement Worker he expressed his interest and goal would be to continue with his football apprenticeship. However, in view of his sentence he needed an Individual Learning Plan for his time in education at Cookham Wood. He expressed interests in Media & Drama as well as football.


During his time at Cookham Wood he was on the Prison Radio pathway and achieved NCFE Level 1 & 2 in Radio Production & Creative Media Production Group Project Level 1 as well as other qualifications.


Engagement & Resettlement Workers attended his Sentence Planning Review Meetings and gave regular updates on his educational progress to his YOT Worker and Employment and Training Officer in the community as well as others. The Engagement & Resettlement Worker supported him in education during his stay in Cookham Wood through regular meetings and creation of monthly reports.


He was also on the Youth Council that is facilitated by Kinetic Youth. The Youth Council is an opportunity for the young people in Cookham Wood to have an involvement in the decision making processes within the establishment. They are supported to run the Youth Council meetings, to bring forward issues not just from within the Youth Council membership but from within the wider population of Cookham Wood. They then constructively bring forward these issues to a meeting attended by the Heads of Departments and Governors. Youth Council members are asked to feedback to the other young people, explaining why and how decisions are reached.


He became eligible for Release on Temporary Licence and the Community Engagement Manager located an appropriate placement with a local charity that ran a recording studio and could accommodate SB to work towards a Trinity College Arts Award. He also produced a relaxation/wellbeing CD in his class and a local charity called Harmony Therapy Trust were interested in using it.


Towards the end of his sentence the Community Engagement Manager and ROTL Team identified a traineeship placement with Millwall F.C. and he attended, being released on Temporary Licence. He went to Millwall Stadium 1 day a week apart from 1 week when he went twice. He was there for 9am and finished at 4pm. In total he went 6 times and upon release took up the traineeship full time.


He also engaged with the Most Valuable Player (MVP) offending Behaviour Programme, delivered by The Liminality Group and The PYE Project, whilst in custody and showed a significant change in his thinking and behaviour, remaining on the Enhanced IEP level throughout the programme. The young person commented that the programme helped him to think about his actions and the impact that his offending had had upon the community, victim and his family.


MVP provided further support upon release from custody, meeting the young person in the community for a meal in order to re-enforce the messages and learning from the programme.


The Engagement & Resettlement Team carry out 1 month, 3 month and 6 month ETE progress checks on all Young People leaving custody. Unfortunately the traineeship did not work out due to his accommodation placement breaking down.


For any enquiries please contact EngagementResettlement.CookhamWood@hmps.gsi.gov.uk

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