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Reflective Learning Programme

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Reflective Learning is an accredited programme that ensures the learners are able to access their education provision during a fixed exclusion from mainstream education. It is a four week programme aimed at addressing challenging behaviour within the Education Department at Feltham YOI, on residential units and in the community. This programme attempts to promote inclusive practice and manage challenging behaviour.


When learners display disruptive, violent, or abusive behaviour in the Education Department, they are placed on the Reflective Learning. On occasions some of those negative behaviours can emanate from learning difficulties or special educational needs, which may have not been identified or recognised previously. Therefore, the programme allows the learners’ needs to be identified and they then work closely with the reflective tutor to address these needs and issues that may be hindering the young person from achieving what they are capable of.


Reflective Learning Programme Schedule


Week one:
The learners remain on the unit for the first week after the incident, and they are seen by the Reflective Learning Tutors (LST) once per day where they complete specifically designed tasks facilitated by the LST’s aimed at addressing anger, emotional literacy, self-esteem, and problem-solving as well as working on their social skills and coping strategies. These sessions are mainly one to one, but they can go up to three learners in a session. By maintaining a smaller group, it provides an attentive learning environment.


Week two:
The learners access their education provision via a Reflective Learning Workshop, where they complete specifically designed tasks facilitated by the Reflective Tutor. These teaching and learning activities are tailored to suit individual needs using the assessments results.


Week three & four:
During week 3 & 4 the learners return to full time education. They are provided a personal folder listing their targets and review sheets for teaching staff to record progress of each lesson. Learners are also given the opportunity to comment on their progress and behaviour. This process is closely monitored by the LST’s who support the learners daily through monitoring and with encouragement. The learners can also use the Reflective Learning Classroom for time-outs and as a safety net to avoid further behavioural issues.


For any enquiries please contact Sangeetha Navendren sangeetha.navendren@hmps.gsi.gov.uk 

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