Parole Board

  1. The Parole Board has published its Business Plan April 2019- September 2020 and Strategy 2018-2020
  2. The Parole Board Observer Policy Guidance gives information for parties to a parole review on how to request for an observer to attend an oral hearing.
  3. A recruitment campaign in the North of England has seen a record number of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates appointed to become Parole Board members.
  4. The Parole Board has launched its Welsh Language Scheme 2018-2020, which has been approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner/ Mae'r Bwrdd Parôl wedi lansio ei Gynllun Iaith Gymraeg 2018-2020, a gymeradwywyd gan Gomisiynydd yr Iaith Gymraeg
  5. A guide for legal practitioners about how the Parole Board handles litigation and the way it deals with judicial reviews.