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This is your area for content submitted by you, for you and others working in the youth justice community. These are resources you feel could be useful to other professionals working in the area or things you would like to have known about before you worked on a task for the first time. These might include documents, templates or other tools and resources that you have developed to help you with your local processes or when working with young people or other organisations. 

We hope that this provides a place for you to directly help others, and that sharing documents might help in sharing practice. 

To search the resources listed, please use the search box or the ‘Browse by Topic’ tag cloud situated in the banner. The results will indicate what part of the Youth Justice Resource Hub the entry can be found on.

If you would like to make a submission to the Youth Justice Resource Hub you can submit materials by completing the form and emailing it to us along with any supporting documentation or information. For further assistance please email:

You do not need to specify which section of the Youth Justice Resource Hub your submission is for (e.g the Library of Effective Approaches, Practice Examples or Resources for Sharing). Once your submission has been processed we will ensure that it is placed in the appropriate section.

Summary: St Helens YOT have created a workshop to support case manager with improving ‘Information Gathering’ section of AssetPlus. Age: 10-17 Sex: n/a Cost: none      Aims: Support case managers with completing the ‘Information Gathering’ section on AssetPlus in a way that is concise and relevant but also timely     Description: The workshop training pack ‘Using a ‘Less…
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