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Out of Court Disposal Screening Tool Featured

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Age:  10-17
Sex:  N/A
Cost:  No



To provide a brief overview of the young person's circumstances to help identify potential needs or concerns in order to inform the required level of intervention, if appropriate and gaps in information



The form is designed to briefly screen a young person's circumstances with a view to making a decision on the outcome, whether this is with reference to the disposal, the need for a further assessment or level of intervention/support to be offered, either conditionally or voluntarily.  It is completed at the initial stage prior to a full AssetPlus assessment. An AssetPlus assessment is completed where voluntary intervention is accepted, at 2nd Youth Caution or Conditional Caution stage.

  • The form is completed by the Case Manager allocated the case
  • The Case Manager presents to a panel, which includes an Operational Manager, Early Help, Greater Manchester Police and the Victim Liaison Officer
  • The panel screening is signed off the screening and agree a support plan for the young person



Organisation:  Manchester Youth Offending Team
Name:  Vanessa O'Dare
Telephone:  0161 234 3800
E-Mail:  vanessa.o'dare@manchester.gov.uk  
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