Youth to Adult Probation Transition (Sefton YOS)

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Age: 17 and 6 months
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  • Support young people to transfer to Probation
  • Ensure swift and clear process for case managers during transfer process as well as ease of usage for the receiving probation officer




The Youth to Adult Probation Transition induction pack contains a summary of Sefton YOT objectives alongside their transition plan, and rationale. Included is also Sefton YOT’s own created ‘maturity checklist’ to help support the transition between YOT to Probation. The attached transition document is completed by the Y2A transition’s officer and are compatible with Probation frameworks.

Attached are also the following:

  • Flow chart, which is utilised as a visual representation of the different probation pathways young people approaching 18 can take. The young people are provided a copy of this to take home as a term of reference and discus with parents or carers. In discussion with the case manager, the pathway can also be used to explain how their pathway can change should their risk increase/decrease and the ensuing impact this may have upon them.
  • Three separate word documents attached which explain in more detail each strand of Probation. Again, this is discussed in more detail during sessions, but they are a good term of reference for young people to take home, review and return with questions



Implementing the Practice

  • In Sefton YOT, once a young person is suitable to be transferred, the case manager will start conversations around some of the differences between YOT and Probation
  • In Sefton YOT, once the young person has been identified as suitable for transfer, they will be referred to the transition officer, who is based within the YOT to start the induction pack, this will make up a statutory appointment for the young person
  • The YOT case manager, will continue to manage the case, until the completion of the three-way meeting




Youth Offending Team: Sefton YOT

Amy McNultly (Probation) / Adele Maddocks (Operational Manger)

Email: /




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