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Referral Order Contract (Bristol YOT)

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Summary: Example of a Referral Order Contract from Bristol Youth Offending Team.
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  • Ensure that young people and their parents/carers are able to access the contract



Attached is a copy of the updated contract that Bristol YOT have created. During the panel the contract is created with the young person and written up using the young person’s words.


Implementing the Practice:

  • The contract is written up at the time of the panel and signed
  • The young people and their parents/carers receive a copy
  • The CPM also receive a copy (which is kept on site)
  • The number of sessions/hours is not agreed for interventions, due to the complex needs of young people, to ensure that they are provided an opportunity to succeed
  • The number of hours is agreed for the reparation programme



YOT: Bristol Youth Offending Team
Name: Rachel Davies
Email: rachel.davies@bristol.gcsx.gov.uk
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