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Working with Victims (Bristol YOT Referral Orders)

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Summary: Information regarding a leaflet and feedback form that is provided to all victims, at Bristol Youth Offending Team, that provides an overview of the restorative justice options that may be available to them.
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  • Encourage victim participation



Bristol YOT have created a leaflet and a feedback form that is provided to all victims that provides an overview of the restorative justice options that may be available to them.

Victims are contacted by letter (which includes the below attached leaflet and information about restorative justice options) following the Order being made at Court (this is sent out by the business support officer). Within 10 working days this is followed up by a telephone call with an offer of a home visit from the YOT Victim Officer and the Victim Support worker from Victim Support.

Bristol YOT have made a decision to only invite victims to the Initial Panel meetings if they are the parents/carers and encourage them to bring a supporter and ensure young person has a supporter. The motivation for this, is due to the initial panel meeting containing lots of information about the young person’s life.

Any other victims that want to meet the young people face to face, are offered a separate RA face to face meeting.



Implementing the Practice:

  • The YOT Victim officer is provided with the victim details by the Police
  • All victims are contacted by the YOT Victim officer by telephone
  • In cases where a home visit is agreed the YOT Victim officer attends the visit with Victim Support worker from Victim Support
  • The YOT Victim officer feedbacks to the young person’s case manager some of the impact that the offence has had and this information can be used to inform victim awareness seasons with the young person (with prior agreement from the victim/s), or it could result in a restorative approach being undertaken
  • Bristol YOT have a Service Level agreement with Victim Support, which supports the positive working relationship



YOT: Bristol Youth Offending Team
Name: Rachel Davies
Email: rachel.davies@bristol.gcsx.gov.uk
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