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Engaging Education Establishments, Moving on Conference – Harrow YOT

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Summary: Harrow YOT in collaboration with Prospects (Harrow Youth Stop careers service) delivered a multi-agency conference aimed at increasing awareness of positive impact of education for children.
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  • Increase knowledge and partnership work with educational establishments and other key stakeholders
  • Build new partnerships



Harrow YOT, in collaboration with Prospects (Harrow Youth Stop careers service) delivered a one-day multi agency conference for professionals working with children in the borough. The purpose of the conference, was to support partnership work and increase knowledge and increase awareness of the importance of education and motivation for children, especially in supporting long lasting positive changes and desistance.


Implementing the Practice:

  • Harrow YOT identified need for better communication with education establishments, especially around risk
  • Prospects identified the value of supporting young people to raise career aspirations
  • The conference content was put together following YOT/career discussions around some of the knowledge gaps they had identified over time as a team
  • The conference was run in a council room, and therefore there was no cost attached




Youth Offending Team:  Harrow YOT
Name: Ryan Simon
Email: Ryan.Simon@harrow.gov.uk
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