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Youth Justice Sector Programme Board

Youth Justice Sector Programme Board

This part of the Resource Hub houses information and documents from the Youth Justice Sector Programme Board. The Board consists of service heads from around the country working on developing new, innovative and effective practice, and quality assurance processes for youth justice services.

The following resources provide useful background information about peer review and related sector improvement activity. The materials have been created for the sector by the sector and provide both guidance and support in relation to sector improvement.
The following self-assessment/benchmarking tools are in response to the Thematic Inspection report. The self-assessments have been completed in conjunction with the Sector Led Improvement and Governance Group (SLIGG) to support the Sector.
The following self assessments have been designed and produced by the Sector Led Improvement Governance Group (SLIGG) and the Youth Justice Board. Their purpose is to be a useful resource for YOTs to carry out a self-assessment against the 5 key areas of practice and YOT governance; Self-assessment for Safeguarding Self-assessment for use of Custody Self-Assessment for Victims and Restorative…